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Ombuds Officer

ombuds officer

The Ombuds Officer, is responsible for safeguarding the rights and freedoms of students, teaching and research staff, and administrative and services personnel with respect to the activities of University governing bodies and service departments. He or she is also in charge of providing information about the general operation of the University.  

Improvement in the quality of all aspects of the University is always the primary goal of activities undertaken by the Ombuds Officer, which are not subject to imperative mandate from any university authority and are governed by the principles of independence and autonomy.

The functions of the Ombuds Officer are:

  • the drafting of its own regulations, which are approved by the University Senate
  • receipt of complaints and observations regarding the operation of the University from those who have a legitimate interest in making them
  • requests for information from the various University governing bodies which may be affected by such complaints and observations
  • submission to the appropriate bodies of non-binding resolution proposals for those matters that have been brought to the attention of the Ombuds Office for consideration, and receipt of information regarding decisions adopted, when applicable
  • presentation to the University Senate and the Board of Trustees of an annual report on the operation of the University, and
  • all other functions that current legislation and the University Statutes attribute to him or her.

Contact details

Office of the Ombuds Officer

  • Ombuds Officer: Dr. Lluís Caballol i Angelats
  • Administration: Ms. Sílvia Rodón Pardina

Opening hours: From 9:00am to 2:00pm.

Postal address: Finca Agustí Pedro Pons - Av. Vallvidrera 25 - 08017 Barcelona (Map)
Phone (+34) 93 252 52 15;  Fax (+34) 93 252 03 70


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