International Convention on the Wikimedia universe and its potential for the GLAM world with a gender perspective [#GLAM+WIKI+GÈNERE]


VÍDEO: Idiomes: 1 conferències en anglès, 1 en castellà, 3 en català

23 de maig Sala d’Actes, FIMA (UB), 9:30-13:30h

III International Conference on Data Feminism 2023. 14th April, W&W has been invited by Lourdes Muñoz, founder of Iniciativa Open Data Barcelona to present the preliminary results of the gender gap Data Feminism in Wikipedia at the session Data Woman: Projectes de dades que visualitzen les bretxes pendents. Organized by: Data Gender Lab La Ciba & Ajuntament de Santa Coloma de Gramenet.

News from Initiativa Open Data Barcelona

Viquiprojecte escolar: Bretxa de gènere a la Viquipèdia

During the third semester (April-June 2023) we introduce a pilot wikiproject into the courses of “Problemàtiques Socials” and “Matemàtica aplicada” to the students of 1st of baccalaureate (17 years old) of the high school Institut Vall d’Arús de Vallirana (Barcelona). 80 students will create articles on books and authors banned by gender reasons (in the campaign “ACadaLlibreElSeuPúblic) and produce an infographic about the data of the W&W project on the gender gap in Wikipedia.


14/04/2023 Ester Bonet, from Viquidones, in front of 80 students during the hands-on editing of Wikipedia with gender perspective for the #ACadaLlibreElSeuPúblic campaign in Institut Vall d’Arús.


Núria Ferran opening the session

1st-30 April: International Librarianship Wikimedia Campaign #EachBookItsReader. After the WikiLibCon22, we create the Wikipedia and libraries international campaign for promoting books in Wikipedia, Wikidata and Wikicommons. In our project, we focus on censored or banned books based on gender identity reasons.

##EveryBookItsReader (English) #ChaqueLivreSonPublic (Français) #ACadaLlibreElSeuPúblic (Català) #CadaLivroSeuPúblico (Português) #CadaLibroSuPúblico (Español)

31st March-1stApril: Wikimedia and Gender Gap Meetup. Meeting, seminars and workshops among researchers of the gender gap on Wikipedia. In Medialab Madrid. With the conference of Nataliia Tymkiv, chair, Board of Trustees of Wikimedia Foundation. Organizers: WikiEsfera and this project W&W.

PPTs of the sessions. And news from the faculty.

Video of the event.

30st March: Workshop on Notability and Gender in Wikipedia. David Ramírez-Ordoñez. Wikimedia Uruguay. Youtube

Workshop on Gender and Wikipedia

15th March: Seminar on Wikipedia Bots: gender gap and artificial intelligence. Seminars of the Centre de Recerca en Informació, Comunicació i Cultura (CRICC), Universitat de Barcelona.

13th January: Follow-up group meeting of W&W research project at the Faculty of Information and Communication at Universitat de Barcelona.

Some members of W&W research project at a follow-up meeting


Women in Red 2022 GoldStar25th November: PI of the project Women and Wikipedia (W&W), Núria Ferran-Ferrer, was awarded the Golden Star 2022 Women in Red for her contribution to hard work and due diligence in reducing the gender gap in Wikipedia (news).

II Jornada d’Ètica Periodística, Col·legi de Periodistes de Catalunya. November 2022. News

26th October 2023: Wikimarathon with gender perspective (lecturers and students) from the Faculty of Information and Audiovisual Media, Universitat de Barcelona, organized by our project Women and Wikipedia (W&W), the library and Equality Commission. News.

13-15 September 2022: Communication “Categorización con perspectiva de género en Wikipedia: la aportación de Wikidata y de los datos abiertos enlazados” at the Conference Libraries and Digital Humanities: Projects and Challenges, UNED, Madrid. Miquel Centelles, Yessica Macià & Núria Ferran-Ferrer.

WikiLibCon2223-24th July 2022: Wikipedia and Libraries Convention (WikiLibCon22). Núria Ferran-Ferrer in the Core Organizing Team and lead of the Programme SubCommittee.
Wikimedia and Libraries Convention, Maynooth, July 2022

Ramírez-Ordóñez, David; Ferran-Ferrer, Núria; Meneses, Julio (2022). “Tools to detect and prevent the Wikipedia gender gap from the library field“, WikiLibCon, 23 July, Maynooth, Ireland.

Presentation of W&W to WikiEsfera25th May. WikiEsfera session for explaining the project to its community.

April 2022: Communication at WikiVibrance Europe 2022. “Elaboració d’una pàgina de suport docent d’escriptura a la Viquipèdia amb pespectiva de gènere“. Sònia Camarasa & Núria Ferran-Ferrer

April 2022: ArticleGender Byas in Wikipedia: Analysing behaviour linked to editing and the collaborative knowledge creation process” at IN3 Blog