The threats on the habitat

(Photo: Joan Real)

(Photo: Albert Tintˇ)


The breeding territories or the dispersal areas of juveniles suffer alterations derived from the human activity, which make difficult or end up by disabling the presence of eagles.

 If these changes are punctual and reversible, they originate only the defeat of the reproductive tasks during a breeding period, but if they are serious and irreversible, they may affect the survival of the eagles and thus induce to the definitive abandonment of the territories.

These alterations are a consequence of an untenable territorial planning. The implantation of big infrastructures (highways, quarries, wind parks...), the substitution of the agricultural soil for industrial or residential, the disappearance of the traditional uses for the agricultural and forest management, and the untenable hunting planning have diminished the presence of favourable nesting and hunting habitats and the plenty of the principal preys of the eagles.

The changes in the habitats and territories often imply that other rival species of Bonelli's Eagle, but more tolerant to these alterations, could occupy its territories and compete in them, turning into an added factor of pressure.

Desappearance of the traditional uses

Untenable hunting planning

Impact of infrastructures

Inter-specific competition


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