Conservation Biology Group

Threats and solutions


The tasks of information have been a fundamental tool at the moment of announcing the current situation of Bonelli's Eagle, the problems that affect them and the situations that are carried out to preserve the species.

For this reason there have been developed a some activities and pedagogic infrastructures directed to the public in general. Especially noteworthy is the publication of this website, in which it is included a virtual exhibition on Bonelli's Eagle and the explanation of the different activities of the Team.

(Foto: Jordi Codina)

Exposition "Bonelli's Eagle"

Itinerant exposition constituted by 26 display panels and other pedagogic infrastructures among which stands out the version translated to the Catalan of the Denis Buhot's video 'Bonelli'.

During the years 1994-1999 the exhibition was established in 19 different localities from Catalonia, placed in regions where Bonelli's Eagle has breeding or dispersal areas. It was visited by a whole of 20,000 persons. In addition guided visits specific for schools were realized.

This exhibition was financed by Caixa de Sabadell and distributed in Catalonia thanks to the Fundaciķ Miquel Torres.

(Foto: Rico & Ruiz)

Triptych “Let's protect the Bonelli's Eagle"

Edition of 10,000 copies in Catalan and Castilian of the triptych 'Let’s protect Bonelli's Eagle'.

Informative panels for the Miguel Torres Visitors' Center

Preparation of a few informative panels on the actions that have been realized inside the Plan of study and protection of Bonelli's Eagle in Catalonia, thanks to the support of the Fundaciķ Miquel Torres. The panels are installed in the visitors' centre that the wine company Miguel Torres SA has in Pacs del Penedes. The information is in Catalan, Spanish, French and English.

(Foto: Albert Tintķ)

Divulging DVD

Edition of the divulging DVD 'L'Āliga perdiguera a Catalunya. Protecciķ d'una espčcie mediterrānia emblemātica', that appeared in the act celebrated in November of 2004 to commemorate the 12 years of collaboration between the Fundaciķ Miquel Torres and the University of Barcelona.

Joan Real i Mireia Torres, cap del Departament de Medi Ambient de Bodegues Torres, durant un moment de la gravaciķ del DVD divulgatiu (Foto: Albert Tintķ)

Publication of articles

Publication of articles in press and magazines. Look at publications.

Presence in the mass media

Participation in television and radio programs. We hightlight the following:
  • Chapter 58 of the TV program Veterinaris (see from minute 18). Click here.
  • Chapter of the TV program El medi ambient issued on 15th Oct 2013. Click here.

Talks and conferences

Organization of talks and participation in conferences, to explain different aspects related to the biology and the conservation of Bonelli's Eagle.