Conservation Biology Group

Threats and solutions
The Conservation Biology Group is a research group associated to the Department of Animal Biology of the University of Barcelona that works in research applied to the conservation of the terrestrial Mediterranean ecosystems, with special attention to threatened species like the Bonelli's eagle (Aquila fasciata).

The objective of the Conservation Biology Group is the conservation of the Mediterranean ecosystems and its species by means of applied research, application of conservation measures and divulgation.

HIGHLIGHTED: The Conservation Biology Group launched a new website:

On the new website you will find updated contents on the tasks conducted by our Group. While some of the contents are not yet available on the new website, the old website will remain open provisionally. Thank you very much!

  • New Biodiversity Monitoring Center of Mediterranean Mountains (22/02/2017): Read more
  • Egyptian Vulture population continues to increase in Catalonia (23/11/2016): Read more
  • Egyptian Vultures ringed in Catalonia are observed in several areas of the Iberian Peninsula (21/11/2016): Read more
  • The Conservation Biology Group participates in the Vulture Multi-species Action Plan Workshop 2016 (16/11/2016): Read more
  • Great attendance at the ceremony "Viability of the Bonelli’s eagle population in Catalonia: guidelines for conservation" that took place on 3rd March 2016: Read more
  • Published an article in the journal Bird Conservation International about the demographic evolution of the Egyptian vulture in Catalonia (17/01/2016): Read more
  • Monitoring the Egyptian vulture population in Central and Eastern Catalonia in 2015 (15/01/2016): Read more
  • Jaime Resano receives an Extraordinary Doctoral Award corresponding to the course 2013-2014 for his thesis with the Conservation Biology Group (30/09/2015): Read more
  • The latest publication 'El águila perdicera en Cataluņa: de la amenaza a la conservaciķn' is ready to download (16/06/2015): Read more
  • The Egyptian Vulture: a species coming back to Eastern Catalonia (28/04/2015): Read more
  • The Conservation Biology Group participates in the Conference on necrophagous birds celebrated in Cadiz (23/02/2015): Read more
  • New project of the Conservation Biology Group for the conservation of the Bonelli’s Eagle (30/01/2015): Read more
  • See the video "L'āliga perdiguera: 30 anys d'estudi de les poblacions en el continent europeu" from the UBtv website (28/04/2014): Read more
  • Study on the situation of the Egyptian Vulture in the Catalan Pre-Coastal Range, centre Catalonia and Eastern Catalan Pyrenees (27/01/2014): Read more
  • The TVE program 'El bosque protector' dedicates a chapter to the Bonelli's Eagle (22/01/2014): Read more
  • The Catalan population of Bonelli’s Eagle would face a high risk of extinction in the medium-term if not for arrival of individuals from other regions (17/01/2014): Read more
  • Stable isotope analyses allow knowing eagle’s diet during the breeding season and over the years (15/01/2014): Read more