Dr Vicente Royuela wins the International Literary- Bullfighting Prize “Doctor Zumel”
  • Date: 07/10/2019
    Dr. Vicente Royuela, member of the AQR Research Group, has been awarded the First International Literary- Bullfighting Prize “Doctor Zumel”, for his work entitled "Basic principles of bullfighting economy".

    The main topic of the 31st edition of the Prize was "Analysis of the economic aspects that affect the development of the bullfighting festival. Its impact". The award ceremony was held in Madrid on September 14.

    In his work, Dr. Royuela describes the aspects that he considers most relevant to understand the current structure of the bullfight industry. First of all, he identifies the agents of the market from an offer and demand perspective, and then, analyzes the elements that define these actors: bulls, bullfighters, businessmen, public and institutions. The work concludes by assuming the power of market forces, but also the possibility of improvement in the management of an immaterial cultural asset, such as bullfighting.

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