Martina Magli presents its work at AQR
  • Date: 09/05/2018

    Martina Magli, from the department of Economics of the University of Nottingham, presented her latest work at the AQR lunch seminar series.

    Martina Magli is the latest invited speaker to the AQR lunch seminar series, presenting her latest contributions to labour market studies in the UK. Through both aggregate and quantile analyses, the article focuses on the impact of service offshoring on employment and wages using unique and detailed firm level datasets, only available in the United Kingdom.

    The study, which underlines how employment and wages show positive elasticities with respect to service offshoring, also presents some useful insights in terms of impact on inequality of the above mentioned variables. Martina’s work marks important differences across firms and therefore workers, with higher benefits for firms that produce goods than for firms that produce services themselves.