The 2019 Barcelona Workshop on Regional and Urban Economics – VII JRC Regional Modelling Workshop, will be held in Barcelona on October 24th-25th, 2019 in “Sala de Graus Ernest Lluch”, Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Barcelona.

Final programme
Thursday, October 24th 2019
9:30 Welcome and opening act: Ramon Alemany (Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitat de Barcelona)

Enrique López-Bazo (AQR-IREA, Universitat de Barcelona) and Andrea Conte (European Commission, JRC)

9:45 1st Contributed session: Economic Growth

Chair: Enrique López-Bazo (AQR-IREA,  Universitat de Barcelona)

Giuseppe Albanese (Bank of Italy), Guido de Blasio (Bank of Italy) and Andrea Locatelli (Bank of Italy): “Regional policy and local TFP: evidence from Southern Italy
Karen Miranda (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid), Miguel Manjón-Antolín (Universitat Rovira i Virgili) and Óscar Martínez-Ibáñez (Universitat Rovira i Virgili): “Growth, heterogeneous technological  interdependence, and spatial externalities: Theory and Evidence
Olga Ivanova (PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency) and Mark Thissen (PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency): “Predicting long-term regional growth for European NUTS2 regions using the global structural change spatial CGE model
11:15 Coffee break
11:45 2nd Contributed session: Economic Policy

Chair: Patrizio Lecca (European Commission, JRC)

Filippo Boeri (London School of Economics), Marco Di Cataldo (London School of Economics) and Elisabetta Pietrostefani (London School of Economics): “Out of the darkness: Re-allocation of confiscated real estate mafia assets
Damiaan Persyn (European Commission, JRC): “Estimating wage rigidities in European regions
Michiel Gerritse (Erasmus University Rotterdam, Tinbergen Institute), Frank Van Oort (Erasmus University Rotterdam) and Zhiling Wang (Erasmus University Rotterdam): “Industrial Transfer Policies in China: migration, urbanization and upgrading
13:15 Informal lunch
14:30 3rd Contributed session: Trade

Chair: Jorge Diaz Lanchas (European Commission, JRC)

José L. Zofío (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid), Jorge Díaz‐Lanchas (European Commission, JRC), Damiaan Persyn (European Commission, JRC) and Javier Barbero (European Commission, JRC): “Estimating Regional Trade Elasticities in the EU Internal Market Using Generalized Transport Costs
Giovanni Mandras (European Commission, JRC): “The EU Regions Integration in Global Value Chains
Michael Brei (LEM, University of Lille), Agustin Perez-Barahona (THEMA, University of Cergy-Pontoise & École Polytechnique) and Eric Strobl (University of Bern): “Protecting Species Through Legislation: The Case of Sea Turtles
16:00 Coffee break
16:30 4th Contributed session: Fiscal Policy

Chair: Raúl Ramos (AQR-IREA, Universitat de Barcelona)

Plamen Nikolov (European Commission) and Paolo Pasimeni (European Commission and Institute for European Studies (IES) at Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB)): “Fiscal Stabilization in the United States: Lessons for Monetary Unions
Patrizio Lecca (European Commission, JRC): “Fiscal consolidation and its asymmetric regional effects
20:30 Workshop dinner (by invitation only).

Friday, October 25th 2019

9:30 Keynote: Alexander Lembcke (Economist, OECD): “Why do regional divides matter for national policy makers?

Chair:  Vicente Royuela (AQR-IREA,  Universitat de Barcelona)

10:15 5th Contributed session: Social Institutions

Chair: Vicente Royuela (AQR-IREA,  Universitat de Barcelona)

Javier Barbero (European Commission, JRC): “Quality of Government and EU regions: an impact assessment using the RHOMOLO model
Attila Varga (University of Pécs), Norbert Szabó (University of Pécs) and Tamás Sebestyén (University of Pécs): “Economic Impact Estimation of Smart Specialization Policy
Jorge Diaz-Lanchas (European Commission, JRC): “What drives the regional opposition to the European integration process?
11:45 Coffee break
12:30 Keynote: Marco Vivarelli (MAE, Catholic University, UNU-MERIT, IZA, GLO): “Embodied and Disembodied Technological Change: The Sectoral Patterns of Job-Creation and Job-Destruction

Chair: Andrea Conte (European Commission, JRC)

13:30 Closing Remarks

Vicente Royuela (AQR-IREA,  Universitat de Barcelona) and Andrea Conte (European Commission, JRC)

13:45 Informal lunch


To download the final programme, please click here.