Here you can find a small list of software developed by people from our group : 
  • Hyphar : (HYdrophobic PHARmacophore) is a web server designed to elaborate pharmacophore based on the use of hydrophobic descriptors.
  • fpocket : is a program to detect small molecule binding pockets and transient channels on proteins.  You can download fpocket or use the webserver hosted at the RPBS.
  • PerturbationAnalyzer - DD : is a plugin for Cytoscape, that is based on PerturbationAnalyzer by Li et al. Our plugin provides further possibilities to perturb edges, do systematic multi-target analysis and the sample data from yeast contains structural information from the PDB.
  • rDock : is a very fast open source small molecule protein docking programme that was initially developed by Vernalis. rDock is now maintained and distributed by our group and is available for download on sourceforge.
  • MIPGen : is a python program to calculate classic Molecular Interaction Potentials over preoteins or small ligands in an automatized way. 

We are also part of the MMB, a list of software provided by the MMB can be found here.