Giada Margiotto

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    University of Neuchâtel
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    Before joining Diaphora, I completed a B.A. (laurea triennale) and an M.A. (laurea magistrale) in Philosophy at the University of Milan. I specialized in early modern philosophy, particularly in late-sixteenth and early-eighteenth century British philosophy, working at the intersection of the history of science and the history of moral theories. I am currently an Early Stage Researcher at the Institute of Philosophy of the University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland, working under the supervision of Professors Richard Glauser and Fabrice Correia.
    My research interests might be thus summarized: history and philosophy of science (17th and 18th centuries), history of moral philosophy (17th and 18th centuries), philosophy of science, moral philosophy.
    My doctoral research deals with the early modern debate over free will and determinism, in particular in eighteenth-century England, after Newton and Locke. The early modern period is without any doubt one of the richest and most interesting for the study of the free-will problem, since the debate started then to take shape as we know it nowadays.
    The question of liberty and necessity being an unsolved one, it represents an instance of persistent disagreement over a philosophical problem. In line with the objectives of Diaphora, the aim of my project is thus to investigate the sources of such a persistent disagreement, looking at the modern debates from which the structure of the contemporary debate arose.