Work Packages

WP 1

WP1 The Sources of Disagreement undertakes research into the nature and sources of disagreement, and of philosophical peer disagreement in particular.

WP 2

WP2 Logic and Paradox is devoted to research on the ancient paradoxes of truth, denotation and vagueness that seem to embroil us in contradictions, or other forms of intellectual crisis, and call into question deeply entrenched principles of logic and rationality.

WP 3

WP3 Determinism and Open Choices is dedicated to research on the persistent challenge to our self-conception posed by the apparent incompatibilities between determinism and free will, whose nature cannot properly be understood without general reflections on the concept of an open future.

WP 4

WP4 A Priori Knowledge undertakes research on the challenges of explaining how the apparently a priori methods whereby much of our logical and mathematical knowledge is achieved may be reconciled with the empirical applicability and necessary truth of those disciplines.

WP 5

WP5 The Nature of Representation is devoted to research into the nature of representation and, in particular, the constraints on conceptually articulated truth-apt thought, the conditions of accuracy for perceptual contents and of their communicability.

WP 6

WP6 The Structure of Warrant is dedicated to research on the structure of warrant and justification, with special emphasis on regress phenomena, dogmatism, epistemic closure and failures of warrant transmission.

WP 7

WP7 Self-Knowledge  is devoted to research on the nature, distinctive authority and communicability of psychological self-knowledge, with special emphasis on immunity to error through misidentification, practical self-knowledge, and the sensory and affective dimensions of self-knowledge.

WP 8

WP8  Management & Dissemination is dedicated to the management of the project and the development and implementation of strategies for the dissemination of its results.

WP 9

WP9 Training Days is dedicated to the organisation and staging of Training Days, specifically designed to provide the recruited Early Stage Researchers with complementary skills training at network level that complements their training in the context of secondments with the partner organisations.