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Jonathan Dittrich


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    Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
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    I did my B.A. in Philosophy & General Rhetoric at the University of Tuebingen with a one year visit at the University of Oslo. After that I completed the MLitt in Logic & Metaphysics at the University of St Andrews, Scotland. Now I work as an Early Stage Researcher at the Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy based at LMU Munich. My main research interest right now revolve around paradoxes of truth and solutions to them, which focus on restricting the underlying structure of our reasoning about paradoxes. This fits nicely into the topic of Diaphora on philosophical disagreement: First, paradoxes can be seen as simple, yet hard-to-resolve cases of disagreement as they arise due to the fact that several, by themselves independently motivated, principles can lead to inacceptable conclusions. Second, there is a lot of disagreement in the literature about which solution is the best (or at least better than others). Very little has been said about the criteria (and the justification of their use) for adjudicating between rival solutions. This question of methodology is another aspect of my dissertation.
    I have further interests in Proof Theory, Non-monotonic Logics, Vagueness, Philosophy of Time (especially issues regarding the physics of time) and Epistemology (in particular the closure principle and contextualism).