Jonathan Egeland Harouny


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    Stockholm University
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    I did my B.A. and M.A. in philosophy at the University of Bergen. Now I work as an Early Stage Researcher at Stockholm University. My work is primarily in epistemology, where I focus on topics having to do with rationality and justification. My aim is to develop and defend an internalist account justification that withstands recent externalist objections and that remains plausible in its own right. In particular, I argue in favor accessibilism – the view that one always has privileged access to certain facts about justification – and non-factive mentalism – the view that facts about justification are determined by one’s non-factive mental states. In addition to these topics in epistemology, I am also interested in philosophy of mind and philosophy of cognitive science.

    Supervising me for this project are Prof. Åsa Wikforss and Prof. Kathrin Glüer-Pagin. The Diaphora project allows me to work with great scholars doing cutting-edge research at some of the best Universities that Europe has to offer.