Michel Croce


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    University of Edinburgh
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    I did my BA and MA in Philosophy at the University of Genoa (Italy), where I recently obtained a PhD in Philosophy too, with a dissertation on the notion of epistemic authority. My primary research interests are in epistemology, broadly conceived, with a specific focus on topics in social epistemology and virtue epistemology. I am also extremely interested in other issues and fields that intersects my primary areas of specialization. That explains why I also work in moral philosophy and philosophy of education, particularly on topics related to virtue ethics, exemplarist moral theories, and competing epistemic approaches to education. The current research project, Epistemic Inequality Reconsidered (EIR), which I conduct at the University of Edinburgh (PhD Programme in Philosophy – School of Philosophy, Psychology & Language Sciences) inquires several social ways in which an epistemic subject or a group can achieve epistemic goods – such as knowledge, warrant, understanding, and intellectual virtues – from others who are better epistemically positioned. EIR addresses the epistemological side of DIAPHORA’s general objective, that is to explore the sources of persistent disagreement among experts and within the public sphere. Furthermore, my project contributes to the research of Work Package 6 (The Structure of Warrant) by providing insight into the social dimensions of epistemic warrant and its transmission among epistemic subjects/groups.

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