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The Freshwater Ecology and Management (F.E.M.) Research Group is a group recognized and funded by the Generalitat de Catalunya since 2005, but his activity began in 1978 when Prof. Prat started his first study with students in the rivers of Pyrenées (Andorra). Since then, the activity of the group has been continuous. The group mainly focus on the field of river ecology but we study also mountain lakes and wetlands. Recent research in rivers is focused in basic and applied topics.

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Aquatic Ecosystems
functions - impacts - pollutans - restoration
practicum - TFG - international students - master - PhD
innovation - new technologies - think tank
taxonomy - diversity - behavior - distribution - evolution
Popular Science
workshops - citizen science - social networks
methods - indicators - ecological status - Water Framework Directive
lakes - fossil record - climatic reconstructions - global change

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