Research Group
in Analytic Philosophy

Andreas Pietz

LOGOS - Universitat de Barcelona

MCMP - Ludwig  Maximilians Universität Munich

Andreas Pietz



My main interests lie in the philosophy of logic and the philosophy of language, but I am also interested in and working on the philosophy of science, epistemology, philosophy of law, Asian philosophy and issues in information ethics.

In July 2011, I defended my PhD thesis. It was supervised by Genoveva Marti, Sven Rosenkranz and Heinrich Wansing. The defense committee were Hannes Leitgeb, Jose Martinez and Graham Priest, who awarded me an “excellent cum laude”.

The title of my thesis was “Logics and Falsifications”. In it, I dealt with several issues in the philosophy of logic, mainly stemming from an investigation of Dummettian arguments for constructive logic. Focusing on the role that falsifications play in his argument, I showed that intuitionistic logic is by no means the only non-classical logic that the constructive path might lead to.

Currently, I'm enjoying a visiting grant at the Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy (LMU).

Note: In the course of my recent marriage (and in order to generate some confusion) I changed my name to Andreas Kapsner.