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• Design and evaluation of mesenchymal stem cells seeded chitosan/glycosaminoglycans quaternary hydrogel scaffolds for wound healing applications. Soriano-Ruiz J.L., Gálvez-Martín P., López-Ruiz E., Suñer-Carbó J., Calpena-Campmany A.C., Marchal J.A., Clares-Naveros B. International Journal of Pharmaceutics. Volume 570, 30 October 2019, 118632.

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• CaixaImpulse funds a project led by Dr Mario Montes Usategui (Faculty of Physics): “How can microscopes help to develop better medicines?” (more information)




► IN2UB International Research Seminar (announcement)

"Mesoporous silica nanoparticles as pharmacological nanocarriers"

By, Prof. María Vallet Regí, UCM-CIBER-BBN, Madrid

Date: 25/11/2019, 12.00h.
Venue: Enric Casassas Lecture Hall, Faculties of Physics and Chemistry. UB

► IN2UB International Research Seminar (announcement)

"Nanostructured Materials and Interfaces: Patterning and Templating"

By, Prof. Rigoberto Advincula, Case Western Reserve University, Department of Macromolecular Science and Engineering, Cleveland, OH 44106 USA

Date: October 22nd, 2019, 12.00h.
Venue: Enric Casassas Lecture Hall, Faculties of Physics and Chemistry. UB

More information

► Seminar (announcement)

"Magneto-optically active plasmonic structures"

By, Dr. Antonio García-Martín, Instituto de Micro y Nanotecnología IMN-CNM, CSIC, CEI UAM+CSIC, Isaac Newton 8, E-28760 Tres Cantos, Madrid, Spain

Date: 23/10/2019, 16.00h
Venue: Seminar room 3.20, Faculty of Physics 

► Seminar (announcement)

"Insights into magnetotactic bacteria Magnetospirillum gryphiswaldense: a magnetic and structural study" 

By, Dr. Lourdes Marcano, Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und Energie, Berlin, Germany & Dpto. Electricidad y Electrónica, Universidad del País Vasco, Leioa, Spain

Date: 07/10/2019 at 15h
Venue: Room 3.25 (Faculty of Physics)