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·The synergy between two different disciplines such as science and art is this year’s option for the third edition of the 10alamenos9 Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Festival. The third edition of the festival, the largest in the state in the field of the outreach of nanotechnologies, is coordinated by the CCiTUB in the framework of the NanoDivulga project and sponsored by IN2UB. The festival will take place in nine cities in Spain and includes activities for the general public and schools. In Barcelona, ​​the COSMOCAIXA is held from 10 to 12 April with the closing ceremony by the Director of the Institute on Thursday 12 at 2 pm: Nanotechnology: a Reality at Present

· In the framework of the events of Woman's Day "WOMEN AND SCIENCE: CHALLENGES AND PERSPECTIVES IN A INCERT CONTEXT", Dr. Francesca Peiró, Full Professor of Electronics and member of the Board of Directors of the IN2UB, will present the following speech: Electronic microscopy or when the duality wave-particle opens the eyes to see the atoms. The session will take place at Aula Magna, Faculty of Physics on March 8th at 9:45 a.m.

· Pere Roca-Cusachs (Department of Biomedicine) receives the City of Barcelona Award in the Life Sciences category. The researcher was awarded for his study, published in the journal Cell, in which he identifies a mechanism through which tissue rigidity regulates cell proliferation and survival, as well as it implications on diseases such as cancer and liver and lung fibrosis (read more)

· ColorSensing, a project developed at the group lead by Daniel Prades (Department of Electronics and Biomedical Engineering of the Faculty of Physics): "We make labels for packaged food that can tell what is happening in the tray". The entire interview in the following link.

· The FBG awards €100,000 to four UB projects for the valorisation of research. The grants of the Valorization Fund will make it possible to further mature the selected technologies with the twofold aim of bringing them closer to market requirements, and of allowing their transfer either through licensing to an existing company or through the creation of a new spin-off. One of the funded projects is ‘New generation of SMDs for printed electronic circuits’, led by Dr. Albert Cirera Hernández, Faculty of Physics and member of the Institute. (More information)

· Promoting the publication of high quality science articles –in open access and a low cost- through an editorial process exclusively managed by researchers from the academic field. This is the main objective in Chemistry Squared (Chem2), the first scientific journal launched by Science2, a non-profit association created in 2017 by a group of experts from the Faculty of Chemistry of the University of Barcelona and members of the Institute. (Read more)




► Research Seminar IN2UB

"Hybrid molecular-inorganic materials: SMMs grafted onto iron oxide nanoparticles"

By Dr. E. Carolina Sañudo, Tenured Assistant Professor. Magnetism and Functional Molecules Group (GMMF) 
 (Dept Química Inorgánica i Orgánica, Fac. Química)

Venue: Sala de Graus Eduard Fontseré de Física
Date: 19th april 2018 at 12h


"Recent Advances on Spintronics"

By Prof. Fèlix Casanova, CIC nanoGUNE (Donostia)

Venue: Room 325 (3era planta Fac. Física)
Date: 5th April at 9h


"Nanoscale Optics and Laser-based 2D and 3D Nanomanufacturing"

By Prof. Xianfan Xu Professor of Mechanical Engineering School of Mechanical Engineering, Purdue University, USA

Venue: Room 526 (Dep. Applied Physics, Fac. Physics, 5th floor, new building)
Date: Monday March 19th 15:00h

Research Seminar IN2UB

"Growth of carbon nanotubes on stainless steel using nitrided multi-layer as diffusion barrier"

By Luis Fernando Pantoja, PhD student. Phyisics and Engineering of amorphous materials and Nanostructures. FEMAN
(Dep. Applied Physics, Fac. Physics) 

Venue: Sala de Graus Antiga de Física
Date: 22nd march 2018 at 12h