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· Magnetically-actuated mesoporous nanowires for enhanced heterogeneous catalysisSerrà. A, Grau. S, Gimbert-Suriñach. C, Sort. J, Nogués. J, Vallés, E. Applied Catalysis B: Environmental. Volume 217, 15 Nov. 2017, Pages 81-91. Grupo de electrodeposición de capas finas y nanoestructuras  (Ge-CPN)

· El investigador Giancarlo Franzese, que dirige el grupo de Física Estadística de Nanosistemes – Complex Matter Group ha sido galardonado con el reconocimiento ICREA Acadèmia 2016

· Experimental measurement of binding energy, selectivity, and allostery using fluctuation theoremsJoan Camunas-Soler, Anna Alemany, Felix Ritort. Science 27 Jan 2017: Vol. 355, Issue 6323, pp. 412-415. Small Biosystems Lab. 

· IN2UB: Spotlight on Catalonia de Nature al Periódico

· Hybrid molecular-inorganic materials: Heterometallic [Ni4Tb] complex grafted on superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticlesL. Rosado Piquer, E. Jiménez, Y. Lan, W. Wernsdorfer, G. Aromi and E. C. Sañudo* Inorg. Chem. Front. 10 Jan 2017. Grupo magnetismo y moléculas funcionales (GMMF)

 IN2UB Internal Seminar  

Clues and pitfalls of advanced TEM in some materials for optoelectronics and energy applications.

By Catalina Coll, PhD Student at Micro-nanotecnologies and nanoscopies for electronics and photonic devices (MIND)
(Dep. Engineering: Section of electronics, Fac. Physics) 

Venue: Room V12M (Physics)
Date: 29 june at 12h


Lateral drag propulsion forces induced by anisotropy
By Prof. Dr. Igor Nefedov (Aalto University, Finland)
Veneu: Room V11G (Physics)
Date: 3 july at 12h 


Macrophage-Stabilized drug crystals

By Prof. Gus Rosania (Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Michigan)

Venue: Aula A2 (Pharmacy)
Date: 3 july at 12h