Our Background

Research institutes are nowadays amongst the most significant organizational units of research within the University of Barcelona. They were created to encourage research and to promote its outcome within society. Many public administrations and other official bodies worldwide organise research and development activities in the field of Nanotechnology by creating specialised research institutes. With a will of following the same organisational pattern, the University of Barcelona created in 2006 the Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (IN2UB), which has as an aim to coordinate multidisciplinary research activities carried out by several research groups of this institution. The (IN2UB) wants to contribute to the progress of science, while spurring, at the same time, industrial excellence. Researchers who are members of the (IN2UB) come from different scientific disciplines, such as Physics, Chemistry, Pharmacy Science, Biochemistry, and Medicine. In this framework, the (IN2UB) aims at promoting, both internally and internationally, the collaboration among different groups and research centres by strengthening interdisciplinary activities which integrate both basic and applied research.