The Institutions and Political Economy Research Group (IPERG), at the University of Barcelona (UB) aims to sponsor several candidates for the Maria Zambrano Call by the Spanish Ministry for Science and Innovation and the University of Barcelona.

The Maria Zambrano are talent-attraction grants lasting 1 or 2 years (beginning between 1/1/2022 and 1/4/2022) for researchers with at least 2 years of postdoctoral experience in institutions different from that of the defense of the doctoral thesis. Candidates should be, in the date of the application, carrying out research or teaching activities in institutions outside Spain.

The monthly amount of the grant will be 4,000 euros gross and there will be a single payment of a maximum of 3,500 euros for travel expenses.

IPERG  is a research center directed by Prof. Carles Boix. The main goal of IPERG is to foster the study the role of institutions on the emergence of political order and stability, the political representation of individual and social interests, and economic development and redistribution.

A second objective of IPERG is to encourage greater integration among various parts of the social sciences in Barcelona, particularly among political science, economics, sociology and history. Its fellows’ research is funded by the European Research Council, AGAUR, Fundació La Caixa, and the Spanish Ministry for Science and Innovation.

Applicants are required to fill in their own application but also need the sponsorship of a research institution and the mentoring of an established researcher. At IPERG, we are willing to pre-select outstanding candidates in order to endorse them in the application process.

Application Instructions:

The candidates willing to apply for a Maria Zambrano Scholarship under the sponsorship of IPERG and UB should contact Anna Alsina ( by email before 22 July 2021 with the curriculum vitae.

For further details on the Maria Zambrano Scholarships, please CLICK HERE.