The Institutions and Political Economy Research Group (IPErG) directed by Prof. Carles Boix welcomes three new postdoctoral researchers that have started this academic course 2019-20.

Maayan Mor recently finished her PhD in Political Science (University of Wisconsin—Madison). She received her BA in International Relations and MA in Political Science from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Her research interests include political parties, political identities, political institutions, historical development, and democratization with a regional focus on Western Europe. She also has a methodological interest in historical research and causal inference.

Ingrid Mauerer, received her PhD in Political Science and Statistics (2016) and her M.A. (Political Science, Sociology, Statistics) from the LMU Munich. Her research interests lie in statistical modeling of political behavior and preference formation. She has specialized in categorical data analysis and discrete choice modeling as well as policy-based voting and party competition. In her dissertation, she studied how citizens respond to policy issues at the polls and which role issues play in determining the choice for different parties.

Marc Guinjoan received his PhD in Political Sciences at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (October 2012), where he also did his BA in Political and Administration Sciences (2007), followed by a MA in Political and Social Sciences (2008). His research interests are focused on political behaviour, elections, electoral systems, party strategies and populism, as well as on processes of decentralisation, identities, the theories of system justification and political psychology. His empirical approach is mainly quantitative, using both individual and aggregated-level data.

The researchers have joined the IPErG team contributing to the ERC project “The Birth of Party Democracy. The Emergence of Mass Parties and the Choice of Electoral Laws in Europe and North America (1870-1940)” under the supervision of Prof. Carles Boix.