Francesc Daumal i Domènech

PhD. in Architecture in 1985 with a thesis on acoustics (cum laude), he has been Professor of Conditioning and Services at the Barcelona Higher Technical School of Architecture (Technical University of Catalonia) since 1992, where he lectures on Artificial Conditioning and Acoustic Architecture, for both undergraduate and graduate students. He is Professor of Room Acoustics and Electroacoustics for UPC’s Master’s in Architectural Technology. He takes part in PFC Tribunals and helps teach landscaping qualifications and the Bachelor’s in Design at ETSAB, along with doctorates, master’s and post-educational courses at a number of higher technical schools of architecture, technical schools and professional associations in Spain. He has been President, Vice-President and Secretary of the CSAPDIU (UPC Committee for the Selection and Assessment of Teaching and Research Staff). As an architect, he has, since 1976, undertaken a number of construction and installation projects, garnering particular esteem as an architectural acoustics consultant for theatres, auditoriums, music halls, recording studios, pubs and clubs (Sala d’Actes Comú d’Escaldes d’Engordany (Andorra), Sala d’Actes ETSEIB, Centre Cívic i Auditori de Navarcles, Ateneu Celrà, Abc Granollers, Teatre Mollet, ARQUS Roda Barà, Pacha Salou, Piano Blau Granollers, restaurant Granollers, etc.) and CTE- DB- HR and DAV for the Higher Council of Architects’ Associations in Spain. As an expert architect, he has worked for ASEMAS, for the Justice Department (Administrative Chamber of the High Court of Justice of Catalonia, Expropriation Jury of Catalonia, Juries of First Instance, Administrative Juries in Barcelona, etc.). He is involved in several lines of research, for both domestic and international projects, associated with urbanism and acoustic architecture, and is a member of the Spanish Acoustical Society’s Governing Council. He creates paintings and sculptures based on acoustic architecture and has exhibited his work in the Association of Architects of Catalonia, Barcelona’s FORUM 2004, FAD (Fostering Arts and Design), Banyoles Town Council’s (a)phonica 2005, 2006 and 2007, Casa Sagnier in Barcelona, the Grenoble Museum, etc. He is co-author of the State Acoustical Standard Compliance Software “NBE-CA-88”, published by the Association of Architects of Catalonia (Barcelona; 1989), co-author of “Ruido y Planteamiento Urbano”, a chapter in the bookEl ruido en la ciudad, gestión y control (Spanish Acoustical Society, Madrid; 1991), author of Arquitectura Acústica, 1. Poètica (Edicions UPC, Barcelona; 1998), co-author of the chapter “L’impacte ambiental del so i les vibracions” from the book Medi ambient i tecnologia (Edicions UPC, Barcelona; 1998), author of the chapters “Rehabilitación acústica de edificios” and “Rehabilitación acústica de locales” from the book Patología y técnicas de intervención. Las instalaciones (Munilla – Leria, Madrid; 1999), author of Arquitectura Acústica, 2. Disseny (Edicions UPC, Barcelona; 2000), author of Arquitectura Acústica, Poética y diseño (Edicions UPC, Barcelona; 2002), author of Arquitectura Acústica, 3. Rehabilitació (Edicions UPC, Barcelona; 2007). Furthermore, he has published numerous articles on acoustics in both domestic and international magazines. He received the “Sea and Mountain” Mention from the 1992 Cultural Olympiad in Barcelona for his project La ciudad del Sonido. He is a member of the French Acoustical Society (G2A Acoustique Architecturale), the European Register of Acousticians, the Acoustical Specialists Committee of the Spanish Acoustical Society (SEA), the SEA’s Graduate Studies Committee, the University Acoustics Professors’ Group, the Association of Forensic Expert Architects (Association of Architects of Catalonia) and President of KNAUF Building and Environmental Solutions, the ISOVER Award and the Scientific Committee for National Conferences on Acoustics.