Final master’s project


Conception and development of an artistic production project or theoretical research (with the possibility of combining both) in the field of sound art. The work must achieve the required quality, originality, and rigor to be (if possible) carried out and publicly showcase in a relevant center in the artistic and cultural context of the city, such as Arts Santa Monica, or Hangar. In any case, this work must meet the usual academic and university requirements, so it can be evaluated by a panel constituted according to the criteria of the administration of the Master in Sound Art.


The final project of the master’s degree takes the form of a written work that is structured as follows: specific objectives of the project, state of the art in relation to the objectives of the project, applied methodology for the development of the project, conclusions and bibliography in accordance with APA standards.


The final master’s project will be carried out under the tutoring of one of the master’s professors and, where appropriate, in dialogue with the guest professors and with the technical assistance of the members of the Sound Art Laboratory of the University of Barcelona. In any case, tutor attribution is an aspect to consider by the administration of the Master, once the general lines of the work that the student wishes to carry out have been known.

Structure and teaching

It is compulsory to have passed the postgraduate course in Creation in Sound Art: Materials and Tools and Design in Sound Art: Projection and Space, to complete the final master’s project. It has an equivalence of 10 ECTS credits.

Dates and dedication

Start: at the beginning of the six-month period chosen by the student for its realization. This means, October.

Delivery: The written work will be delivered two weeks before the date of the defense.

Defense: Will be held at the end of the six-month period. The administration of the master’s degree in sound art will public the data in the middle of the six-month period.

180 hours of work plus the additional dedication that the student want to devote.


The Master’s Degree in Sound Art does not assume the final realization of the works described in the project, nor guarantee spaces for its exhibition. However, the student can support the defense with the realization of a work related to the written project and will be able to access the sculpture workshop of the Faculty of Fine Arts and the technical resources of the classrooms. The details of the production, budgets and the search for exhibition spaces are the responsibility of the student who aspires to implement his project.