ArxiuAV Group Projects

The audiovisual archive as an innovative teaching activity.

Teaching Innovation Project of the Universitat de Barcelona: 2012PID-UB/013.

October 2012 to July 2014

The new Information and Communication technological advances in the digital age have introduced new perspectives on the use and role of the audiovisual archives. The need to adapt the traditional organizational systems of the audiovisual archives to the contemporary new reality provides the basis for further study and debate about the production, storage and dissemination of knowledge.

Our project intends to make the very construction of the audiovisual archives become a tool of knowledge available to generate training activities for the students. This is possible by improving the acquisition of key competencies related to the audiovisual theory, history, analysis and production.

The main idea of this project is to have an innovative type of audiovisual archive. It will be under continuous construction on the basis of the teaching strategies and the Students' learning process.

Teaching activities take place in certain courses using the “Campus Virtual UB” and this web portal.

This project responds to the need for improvement and teaching innovation of the Department of Design and Image of the University of Barcelona.

Courses in which you can experience the project:

EHEA bachelor's degree in Fine Art: Audiovisual Lab (2nd). Creative Workshop I (3rd). Contemporary Visualities (3rd). Medial Arts: Video Art (3rd & 4th). Image, Narrative and Memory (3rd & 4th). Documentary Process (3rd & 4th).

EHEA bachelor's degree in Communication and the Culture Industry: Audiovisual Communication (2nd). The Process of Audiovisual Production (2nd).

We believe that the device-archive-mediateca and the activities that we are developing may be of interest to other professionals and collectives working in the same fields of research or teaching courses in Image.