Sandra Martínez Puchol

Biografia i/o tasques: 

Biologist by the University of Barcelona and PhD student (FPI). Her work is focused on the sensitive detection of foodborne viruses using directed amplification and next generation sequencing. Also in the evaluation of the transmission and pathology of excreted DNA viruses. Working for 1 year at the research group in clinical molecular virology and new diagnosis tools in infectious pathology (Microbiology Service) at the Germans Trias i Pujol Hospital as a margarita Salas fellowship.

Viruses from large-volume water samples

We have recently published our work on the evaluation of a virus concentration method based on ultrafiltration and wet foam elution for studying viruses from large-volume water samples as a open acces paper:

Webinar: Pandemia de COVID-19, implicaciones...

Organized by CWP. 9 Abril 2020: https://vimeo.com/405842574

Detecció de SARS cov2 en aigua residual

El nostre grup de recerca en col.laboració amb els grups liderats per Lluís Corominas i Carles Borrego de l'ICRA (Institut Català de Recerca de l'Aigua) de Girona duem a terme un estudi sobre la presència de SARSCoV2 en Estacions Depuradores d'Aigua Residual a Catalunya.

Microbiological contamination of conventional...