If you are interested in applying for a Spanish fellowship to do a PhD to study the role of CBP/p300 on epigenetics, transcription factors acetylation and planarian stem cell differentiation contact us by DM Deadline December 11th
Look at our results about the effects of launch stress in planarians. Collaboration with Pontifical Gregorian University /University of Cassino, the Amsterdam University Medical Center and ESA’s…
Last Saturday Eudald presented his research at the EMBO Workshop: Neuromesodermal progenitors in development, evolution and regeneration. Great talk Eudald!
In our last preprint we characterize the function of CBP/p300 planarian homologues on neoblast maintenance and differentiation. Lots of work from many undergraduate and master students under the supervision of Susanna and the recent
Check out our lab latest paper “ Planarian cell number depends on Blitzschnell, a novel gene family that balances cell proliferation and cell death ” published in Development. This is the work of Eudald and several current ad past
Eudald and Pablo presented at the X Epigenetics and Chromatin meeting in Barcelona.
Registrations will be open again very soon! We hope to see you all in Sant Feliu!
Maria, our PhD student, has been selected to participate in the UB final of the "Tesis en 4 minutes" contest. This contest consists in explaining your thesis for a general public in only 4 minutes. In the first round the participant's record a video with their presentation and some selected talks
After several years as a postdoctoral researcher at the Lapage lab in Nice working on sea urchin, Loli has come back to the planarian world as a Beatriu de Pinós-Marie Curie postdoctoral researcher. We are really happy to have you back in Barcelona
We are glad to announce a new planarian publication that will help to better visualize and understand omics resources. We encourage to play with the new tool: Eudald, one of our PhD students, was also involve in this investigation. He studied to biologic relations
For the first time, different Developmental Societies of all over the Europe organize a congress to get all scientific groups that works with Developmental Biology. This first edition took place in Alicante (Spain) and most of members attended and had the change to present part of their work. Eudald
Eudald Pascual is presenting his work at the XXXI JORNADA DE BIOLOGIA DEL DESENVOLUPAMENT
Every year each section of SCB (Biology Catalan Society) tries to organize a conference regarding its particular field. This year was the 9 th edition of Chromatin and Epigenetics Secction, and Eudald and Teresa assisted to this interesting conference. Moreover, Eudald presented a poster where he
The Francesc Cebrià lab got funding from the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities of the Spanish government for the next 3 years to study the role of CRB/p300 genes in chromatin remodeling and the epigenetic regulation of planarian stem cells maintenance and differentiation
On Wednesday 13 February Vero presented her project regarding wnt pathway in posterior regeneration and embryogenesis to obtain her degree in Biology. Congratulations!!