Plurilingual families in medium sized linguistic communities

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Barcelona – Friday, 6th February 2015
Workshop: Globlinmed project
University of Barcelona, edifici Josep Carner, c. Aribau, 2 – 080111 Barcelona
Sala de professors: 9.00 AM

8.50 h

9.00 h
Introductory remarks by Emili Boix Fuster, the project’s coordinator

9.15 h
Marie Maegaard and Anne Larsen, Denmark Language in Danish-English families in Denmark

9.30 h
Helena Özörencik, Preliminary notes on intergenerational language transmission in linguistically mixed families in the Czech Republic

9.45 h

10.00 h
Svetlana Markova, Bilingual Family of Lithuania: identity and preservation of the Russian language

10.15 h
Anastassia Zabrodskaja, Language ideologies of a Russian-Estonian mixed family in contemporary Estonian society

10.30 h

10.45 h

11.15 h
Makiko Fukuda, Language transmission in a double minority context: family language policy in Japanese-Catalan/Spanish families in Catalonia

11.30 h
Francesca Walls, Catalan/English Parental experience and transnational family language management a chronotopic analysis

11.45 h
Francesc Bernat, Linguistic behaviour, ideologies and uses in franco-catalan families: an approach

12.00 h

12.15 h
Rosa Maria Torrens, The italian-catalan mixed families: identities, linguistic ideology and language use

12.30 h
Emili Boix, Processes of language acquisition and language loss among new speakers

12.45 h
Albert Bastardas, Language (self)organization in bilingual famílies: some preliminary results

13.00 h

13.45 h

15.00 h
Discussion and conclusions

16.00 h