Cancer therapy group

Department of Biochemistry and Physiology,

School of Pharmacy, University of Barcelona.

Av. Juan XXIII #27, 08028 Barcelona

Phone. (93) 403-4455

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Updated: July-16th-2021


  1. To investigate new alternative cancer therapies using the developments in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. 

  2. To improve our technology of Polypurine Reverse Hoogsteen hairpins (PPRHs) for gene silencing, gene repair, gene editing and as biosensors for diagnostics

  3. To explore new delivery systems for oligonucleotide transfection in vitro and in vivo



  1.    Design and usage of polypurine hairpins against gene expression: Studies in vitro and in vivo

  2.    Explore the usage of new liposomes, gold nanoparticles and AAV particles to deliver the PPRHs.

  3.    To repair DNA mutations at the endogenous locus using Polypurine Hairpins.

  4.     To investigate the role of alternative splicing on the expression of proteins.

  5.     Usage of aptamers to deliver gene therapy molecules to target cells. 

  6.     Genomic studies related to Methotrexate resistance. 

  7.     Networking of differentially expressed genes in methotrexate resistant cells.