Network of researchers working on environment and health


ToxicBody is an interdisciplinary network of researchers dedicated to the study of the influence of the environment on human health, focused on the relationships between corporality, health and food.

The ToxicBody network is attached to the Department of Social Anthropology of the University of Barcelona, ​​bringing together members from different institutions whose areas of knowledge range from anthropology to medicine.


Eating Matters

Eating Matters

Eating Matters. The challenges of an inclusive, healthy and sustainable diet for better ageing. 2020-2024.

Oil spill

Epidemiological study about oil spill

Epidemiological study on the impact of the oil spill on the coast of Bahia, Brazil: health, environment and food safety. 2020-2023.

Vegetables for better ageing

Vegetables for better ageing

Vegetables for better ageing: improving the quality of feeding practices among the elderly. 2020-2022.

ToxicBody, line of research of the Departament of Social Anthropology, Universitat de Barcelona.

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Cristina Larrea-Killinger, Professor of Social Anthropology at Universitat de Barcelona.