Enrolment master's degree courses (academic year 2022-2023)

Enrolment procedures

Once you have secured a place on an university master's degree program (see the page Admission and pre-enrolment) you must officially enrol using one of the following procedures.


In the 2020-2021 academic year, the UB uses, in general, the online enrollment modality from the web and imparts the degree in which you have obtained a place.


To formalize your enrolment, consult the master's degree webpage to see the enrolment application deadline and to know which of the following procedures you will be required to complete:


Presencial Automatrícula

You go to the Secretary's Office for Students and Teaching Staff at the faculty or school that is responsible for your master's degree course and hand in the completed version of this Enrolment application form .

You enrol online at the UB's university master's degrees webpage.


Consult de page Documents required to see what papers you will need to submit: this will depend on the enrolment dossier compiled by the faculty or school that is responsible for the degree course.


For information about enrolment, students must consult the document Infomatrícula (PDF document in Catalan).



Enrolment fees

Depending on your circumstances, you must choose one of two procedures for paying enrolment fees:


  • The standard procedure: for students not applying for any exemptions, bonuses or discounts. Following this procedure you pay the fees for the credits for which you have enrolled and the administrative fee they carry, a fee for academic insurance, the fees for teaching materials and infrastructure and the fees for any extra-academic services you require
  • Procedure with exemptions or discounts: this is the procedure to follow if you can provide certification of your eligibility to one of the exemptions from payment or to one of the types of student grant that the legislation allows. However, following this procedure you still have to pay the fee for academic insurance, the fees for teaching materials and infrastructure and the fees for any extra-academic services you require.


For information about exemptions, bonuses or discounts, consult this dossier's fees section and the UB webpage Grants and financial aid


Fees (PDF document in catalan)


Paying enrolment fees

You can choose one of the following procedures:

  1. Direct payment in cash or in instalments: You pay over the counter or at the ATM facilities at any branch of the banks CaixaBank, BBVA or Banco Santander , or alternatively, you can pay online at one of these banks visiting Línia Oberta, Línia Total or Supernet.
  2. Direct debit single payment: This option can only be chosen if you have a current account at one of the banks listed above in 1.
  3. Monthly instalment loan: You pay the enrolment fees using a monthly instalment loan from the Agency for the Administration of University and Research Grants (AGAUR) (Consult information about requeriments and loan conditions) (PDF in Spanish)

For information about paying enrolment, consult this dossier's fees section.



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