The next advances in chemistry and materials science will be enabled by technologies providing control over reagent flows in time and space


We study and guide covalent and non-covalent synthesis out-of-equilibrium combining chemistry with engineering and fluid mechanics

Latest news

We have been awarded a EIC PathfinderOpen project titled: Magnetoelectric 3D printing […]
The title slide for Josep's talk at "Les Midis Minatec". Featuring the title text: Microfluidic technologies as an advanced tool for materials engineering: Looking back…with a view to the future…,
On 15th October 2021, Josep gave a talk at Les Midis MINATEC giving a summary of the research in the ChemInFlow group.

An overview of our research

A brief summary of the research in the ChemInFlow group, taken from a talk given by Josep. For more information and a longer video click the button below.

We are the ChemInFlow Group /  Head: Prof. Dr. Josep Puigmartí-Luis


We are at the University of Barcelona (UB)

Department of Physical Chemistry

C / Martí i Franquès 1,

08028, Barcelona

Josep Puigmartí-Luis