On 15th October 2021, Josep gave a talk as part of “Les Midis MINATEC” series of conferences at MINATEC, Grenoble. The talk gave a summary of the research carried out in the ChemInFlow group. A video of the talk can be found below.

Microfluidic technologies as an advanced tool for materials engineering: Looking back… with a view to the future… | Josep Puigmartí-Luis | Les Midis MINATEC

A playlist with the talk, along with others from the series can be found on the MINATEC YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLPnucLQ7t06Tyi6NPR_NgSDB3z2uC9v4

Further details about Les Midis MINATEC can be found on the MINATEC website here: https://www.minatec.org/fr/vie-de-campus/les-midis-minatec/