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Departamento de
Psicología Social y Psicología Cuantitativa, UB
Sección Cuantitativa

Campus Mundet
Edifici de Ponent 4a planta

Pg. Vall d'Hebron 171
08035- Barcelona
Phone: 93 312 50 93
Fax: 93 402 13 59

Carles-Enric Riba Campos

I am a PhD in Philosophy and Education Sciences from the University of Barcelona and professor at the same university.

In this academic environment and others where I work (UOC, Instituto de Estudios Catalanes) I have directed my interest, in teaching and research, to the processes of interaction and communication and the methodologies that facilitate their study, especially observational and qualitative types that incorporate data such as context and the point of view of the subject. Defending or promoting these methodologies I have been an advisor to the ICEs of the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona and the Universidad de Barcelona and I have investigated for the Municipal Institute of Education of this same city, besides participating in several research projects of the UB compatible with these interests. In a different but congruent and complementary direction with the previous one, I have tried to approach the problem of meaning outside of language, which, being one of the first disciples of J. Sabater Pi, has led me to work in the field of ethology of communication, particularly between primates, dedication that has pushed me, for years, to establish various links with the Barcelona Zoo. Apart from these interests and motivations, I who believe that the methods of social and behavioral sciences have to be understood and applied with a reflexive spirit, without dogmatism and with self-criticism, and that in this field we have a long way to go. That is why I have also tried to deepen the epistemology and the methodological foundation of these sciences. I have been director of Yearbook of "Anuario de Psicología" between 2004 and 2010.

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