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Opening of UNHOUSING exhibition

cartel unhousing
September 28, 2023

On Thursday, September 28, Felipe Robles, member of the CRIC community, opens his exhibition UNHOUSING at Colectivo La Máquina gallery.

A result of his research, the theoretical body of the exhibition is based on the concept of unhousing, which is used to transfer the poems in Don't Call Us Dead, by Danez Smith, to visual art, thus generating a montage that will be on display at Colectivo La Máquina for six weeks.

The exhibition UNHOUSING reflects on the construction of queer identities in our patriarchal and capitalist context, inviting us to observe the place occupied by our bodies (which embody dynamic identities in liminal moments) both in the social landscape and in the border that delimits the public from the private, with the body/subjectivity as an space that signifies, inhabits and produces.

"When speaking of unhousing we refer to a living concept, political, polysemic and mutable in its practices, which finds its place in our body, in relation to itself, to the physical and symbolic place it inhabits: it is at once territory and corporeality.

Unhousing means leaving the house,  stop striving to have a seat at the table -understanding the house as the patriarchal structures and the table as the neoliberal social structure-, a normative space that conditions our multiple identities. It is to visit the borders, to transit the margins, to become liminal, to unlearn and question the ideas established as the norm. It is to seek a different collectivity, to rearticulate: it is to build a home where our creative possibilities allow it". 

Research on the concept of unhousing is developed at the University of Barcelona through the project: (Un)Housing: Dwellings, Materiality, and the Self in American Literature, funded by Ministerio de Ciencia, Innovación y Universidades / Agencia Estatal de Investigación (Reference: PID2020-115172GB-I00). Principal Investigators: Rodrigo Andrés and Cristina Alsina Rísquez.


To arrange visits to the exhibition, please contact in advance with the person in charge,

Thursday 18.00