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PHD Programme

Doctoral program: Linguistic, Literary and Cultural Studies (code HDK0P)

The research line “Construction and Representation of Cultural Identities” is one og the branches of the doctoral program “Linguistic, Literary and Cultural Studies” and helps students gain mastery of research tools at an advanced level as well as develop the skills of critical analysis of the literary and cultural discourses at work in a globalized and multicultural societies in which the coexistence of languages and cultures shape the construction of plural identities. Thus, the program allows for the consolidation of theoretical, critical, and cultural competencies and skills in the commentary of literary texts and the comparative analysis of diverse artistic languages (cinema, theater, etc.), leading to the elaboration of a doctoral thesis

01. Coordination

General ELLC Program Coordinator

  • Dra. Marisa Siguan

Research track coordinator

  • Dra. Loreto Vilar

CRIC research track Academic Committee (AC)

  • Dra. Mireia Aragay – Literatura Anglesa
  • Dr. Francesco Ardolino – Estudis Italians
  • Dr. Ivan Garcia – Estudis Eslaus
  • Dra. Elena Losada – Estudis Gallecs i Portuguesos
  • Dra. Mònica Rius – Estudis Àrabs i Islàmics
  • Dra. Marta Segarra – Estudis Francesos
  • Dra. Marisa Siguan – Estudis Germànics
  • Dra. Loreto Vilar – Estudis Germànics

02. Admission and registration for new students

If you want to apply for access to this line of research, first of all you should:
Consult the general requirements for access.

Please send the following documentation to the coordinator, Dr. Loreto Vilar, so that the AC can assess whether your profile fits with that of the track:

  • Complete and updated CV
  • Complete academic transcripts
  • Certificates and academic qualifications
  • Preliminary doctoral thesis project (5 double-spaced pages, title, topic and background, objectives and methodology, expected contributions, timetable, preliminary bibliography).

This first step is essential for all students, including those who have taken the Master's degree in Construction and Representation of Cultural Identities (CRIC).

The application for access and, if necessary, enrolment, can be done online at the following link. 

03. Registrarion for second/next-year students

  • As a pre-requisite for enrolment in the second and consecutive years, students must submit a Research Plan (first year) and a Follow-up report (second year and consecutives) approved by the thesis supervisor(s) and the thesis tutor. See:
  • It is essential to obtain a favourable evaluation of the Research Plan by the CA in order to be able to register for the second and each consecutive year. 

04. More information

05. Completed PhD theses