Research overview

We focus on novel optical methods for 3D light engineering, with applications in materials science, sensing, and biology

Our group strives to develop optical tools for controlling and characterizing materials and dynamic processes at an unprecedented spatiotemporal resolution. Our current research targets nanofabrication, personalized medicine, neuroscience, molecular biology, additive manufacturing, metrology and microfluidics.

Research areas

Fast volumetric imaging

We use acousto-optofluidic elements as primary enablers of fast three-dimensional microscopy and spectroscopy technqiues. 

Laser additive manufacturing

We use laser catapulting, laser-induced forward transfer and other additive manufacturing technologies to fabricate micro-optical systems

Deep light focusing in scattering media

By combining ultrasound with light, we make efforts to overcome scattering and focus light inside inhomogeneous media such as biological tissue