New plaques on the Alumni Wall and the Graduation Hall

Mur dels Alumni FEE

The Alumni Wall project of the Faculty of Economics and Business keeps growing. Despite the difficulties caused by the pandemic, the commitment and the involvement of our former students in positioning the university as a backbone of the progress of our society remains intact. As a result, new plaques have been added to the wall and chairs in the Ernest Lluch Graduation Hall.

This event symbolises the revitalisation of the sponsorship project that started in 2016 and whose main objective is to have our Alumni involved, in a private capacity, in the financing of research projects that are not recipients of public funds.

On this occasion, several plaques bearing the name, the studies, and the year of graduation were fixed on the wall by the entrance from Carrer John M. Keynes. In addition, four former students who gave financial support to this project, also have a plaque with their name on one of the chairs in the Ernest Lluch Graduation Hall.

It is worth remembering that there are more than 50,000 Alumni of the Faculty, many of whom occupy positions of responsibility in the economic and business world. We encourage all our Alumni to take part in this initiative, which allows us to carry out new projects that have a great impact in improving public service and, at the same time, to leave a lasting mark of their stay at the University of Barcelona on our wall.