Awards & Bursaries

As in ECVP 2015, this year ECVP grants a waving of the registration fees to help students and retired professors attend the conference. This scheme closed March 1st.


Please provide one PDF file confirming your student status (e.g. letter on headed paper from your advisor) and a letter providing supporting information explaining why you would like to be considered for funding.

In consideration of the broad appeal of ECVP we are also happy to consider applications from non-students who may be for other reasons in financial difficulties or temporarily without a salary. Please explain in a letter why you would like to be considered.

Closes: March 1 2016

Send application to:


The Tom Troscianko Award for Adventurous Vision Scientists

We have the pleasure to announce that once again, the Applied Vision Association (AVA) and ECVP will be collaborating to offer the Tom Troscianko award to adventurous young scientists attending ECVP. The award will be for up to £2,000, (currently approx. €2600) and should cover travel and registration costs (etc) for ECVP, including an additional visit to (at least) one other location for scientific purpose - with an emphasis on adventure! Further details and an application form can be found at the links below.

Application forms  Tom-Troscianko-Award-form_2016.docx


Reports from previous successful applicants here:


The deadline is 3rd of April 2016.



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