Registration guidelines

Apply to both ECVP and VSAC

Registration for the conference (ECVP or VSAC) allows you to submit ONE abstract as a first author. 

After abstract submission deadline, you will be able to register but abstract submission will be no longer possible.

The application that handles the payment (credit/debit cards ONLY) was initially intended for UB students and has not yet been fully adapted for international conferences. Here you have some clarifications to fill some of the fields: 

First screen

In a first screen. You need to fill only these two form fields:

  1. ID/PASSPORT (field):

In order to manage ECVP (or VSAC) payments the application software asks each participant to introduce a unique ID number. The easiest solution is to use your national ID or passport. If you do not want to do this, you can enter a unique number that you can remember (e.g. a telefon number) with a maximum of 9 digits/characters. This number is not used in anyway later by the system. If you get an error screen in this step, just change the number that you used as ID (by chance may have been used by someone else).

  1. Date of birth: (self-explanatory).

After this screen you should receive an email with the subject "Universitat de Barcelona - Registration for UB activity", you want to keep this email to get into your payment details at any time later. (make sure it does not go to your spam folder). 

Main form

Main form (after first screen)

  • SURNAME1: use your lastname
  • SURNAME2: (field not required)
  • Nationality: (you can also use your country of residence)
  • Payment method: Select Credit Card (also handles Debit cards). AMEX cards will NOT work (sorry!). 

Students (undergraduate, master or PhD students) will have to introduce later in the abstract submission form the full name and email of supervisor. 

Notice for the dinner registration (only relevant for ECVP attendees)

In case you plan to go to the Conference dinner (the 31th of August, look at this link for information on the restaurant), you better choose the option with dinner at the moment of the registration. Although it is a large restaurant there is a limited capacity. If you do not book the dinner at the time of registration, and you decide to go later, you will not be able to pay the dinner through the registration system and will have to contact us directly.

ECVP Abstracts submission guidelines:

  1.  All first authors must register first for the conference in order to submit an abstract.
  2. As a first author you can only submit one abstract (this includes speakers in symposia). 
  3. To create the abstract, you will need the "Registration ID" that is in the  PDF document on the "Activity data" section of your registration/payment details (see the image below for screenshots).
  4. Abstracts are limited to 200 words. This does not include title, authors and affiliations. An additional field is provided for funding acknowledgements.
  5. ECVP welcomes original research work. Do not submit an abstract of intended or planned work. Such abstracts will not be accepted! 
  6. Notifications of acceptance will be sent during the second half of May.


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