VSAC Abstract Submission

1-Conference registration

Please, read the registration guidelines before proceeding with the registration.

Before submission of an abstract, you must register for the conference and pay the fees (follow the link below):


Once you have paid the VSAC fees and finished registration, you will receive an email with a link to your registration details. There is a PDF document on the "Activity data" section. Open this and copy the "Registration ID": you will need it to create your abstract (in step 2) in the case you want to submit an abstract.

2-Create your abstract

Once you are registered, you can create your abstract. Unlike ECVP abstracts, VSAC abstracts are NOT editable. You submit them only once.

Please keep in mind that in order to be able to submit the abstract form you need the Registration ID that appears in the pdf file with your registration details for the conference (step 1).

To create the abstract for the VSAC Conference, please go to the following form:

3- Abstract submission deadline: 

11th of April 2016 at midnight (Central European Time).

NOTE: The submission of proposals for VSAC16's "Art Exhibition" follows a different procedure: please downdload and follow the instructions here  (VSAC16_Art Exhibition_Submission_Guidelines.pdf). The dealine for the "Art Exhibition" Proposals is: 1st of July 2016 (at midnight). 

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