State-of-the-art equipment under constant development

The Functional Materials and Phase Transitions Research Laboratory, located in the Faculty of Physics at the University of Barcelona, has state-of-the-art equipment that is constantly being developed to carry out research into materials.

Commercial equipment

Mechanical testing machine
5kN Zwick/Roell Z005 with temperature chamber (210K-400K)

Infrared camera Infratec IR8800
Sensor 650×512 pixels Lens 50mm up to 0.01 s/frame (full frame) Spatial resolution up to 0.005 mm/ pixel
Temperature resolution 5mK

Modulated DSC
TA Instruments Q2000, 150K-800 K

Dynamic mechanical analyser (DMA)
TA Instruments Q800 (150 K – 800 K)

Acoustic Emission Detection Equipment
Europhysical Acoustics, 2x PCI2 at 40MHz, 4 channels
Possibility to work inside a Farday cage with small samples and to apply temperature ramps between 260K and 360 K

Superconducting magnet
To generate magnetic fields up to 6 T

We have experience in the development of state-of-the-art equipment for the characterisation of materials (calorimetry and mechanical tests) with the collaboration of the Scientific and Technological Centres of the University of Barcelona (CCiTUB)

Non-commercial equipment

Calorimetry under magnetic field and uniaxial compressive stress.
Magnetic fields up to 6T, stress up to 1200N, temperature range 210 K-360 K

Thermometry under applied magnetic field and uniaxial compressive stress.
Magnetic fields up to 2T, stress up to 1000N, temperature range 260K – 350 K

Machine for micromechanical testing on small specimens.
Stress up to 50 N, temperature range 300K – 500 K. Possibility to add IR camera

Differential calorimetry for the study of phase transitions.
Small samples (200K-360K)

Calorimetry with applied electric field

Mechanical testing machine with 2 perpendicular axes
(under construction)

If you are interested in the use of this equipment, please contact the Functional Materials and Phase Transitions research group, send an email to