The book Art and Social space in Controlled, Uncontrolled and Isolated Times is published, which collects different artistic experiences and reflections presented at ADDART 21.
Editors: Ramon Parramon, Eugènia Agustí, Eloi Puig. Coordination: Irati Irulegi, Laia Moretó, Mercedes Pimiento.
Published by: Idensitat. Translation: Anna Recasens. Correction: Francisco Rodríguez Criado. Collaborating: Euroregió, La Escocesa, Casa Planas, Idensitat, Le BBB art center, In>tra2 (UB), Ministerio de Ciencia, Innovación y Universidades.
Pages: 186 ISBN: 978-84-09-43330-8 DL: B 16118-2022
Year: 2022 Key: Book (Catalogue)