9/23 On Tuesday, September 26 at 5 p.m., in Sala de Juntes of the Faculty of Fine Arts. Barcelona University. Conference by Antoni Muntadas under the title “The Project Methodology”. 

“The Project Methodology” confronts and proposes a way of working where the different knowledge and work phases act as tools to discover and try to understand spaces, places, constructions, as well as find situations and elements that help to progressively understand a context and, perhaps , propose a project. All this starting from a process that includes different stages, which are necessary to define a proposal, articulating questions that accompany us throughout the journey.

Antoni Muntadas (Barcelona, 1942) works on social, political and communication issues in his work, the relationship between public and private space within a social framework, and investigates information channels and the way in which they are used to censor information or promulgate ideas. He works on projects in different media such as photography, video, publications, internet and multi-media installations. Since 1995, Muntadas has been grouping a series of works and projects under the name On Translation. They are works of very diverse content, dimensions and materials, and they all revolve around a personal experience of the author, throughout more than forty years of activity as an artist in numerous countries. By grouping the works under this heading, Muntadas places them within a body of specific experiences and concerns about communication, the culture of our time and the role of the artist and art in contemporary society.

Public activity organized by the IMARTE Research Group of the University of Barcelona, with the collaboration of the Master in Artistic Production and Research and the EAPA doctoral program. Presented by Ramon Parramon.