Development of highly luminescent Au(I) benzothiadiazole-based derivatives with near unity quantum yields efficiency

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Benzothiadiazole derivatives (BTD) are considered a perfect scaffold to produce luminescent compounds. For this reason, BTD derivatives are widely applied in different areas of light technology including luminescent probes for analytical and biological applications, dye-sensitized solar cells and as emitters in OLEDs. The incorporation of a heavy atom such as gold(I) in the chemical structure can afford new kind of interactions that can improve the photophysical properties.

The new compounds displayed in this work, led by Supra and Nanostructured Systems Group (SuNS), denoted luminescent properties with fluorescence quantum yields above 80% and up to 97% and they can be modulated by changing the environment conditions, from water: acetonitrile solutions to dispersion of the compounds within organic matrixes.

How to achieve near unity fluorescence quantum yields on gold(I) benzothiadiazole-based derivatives. A. Pinto, M. Echeverric, B. Gómez-Lor, L.Rodríguez. Dyes and Pigments. Volume 202, June 2022, 110308