This procedure enables users to submit generic requests to the General Registry of the University of Barcelona concerning matters for which a specific online request or procedure is not available. For more information, consult the generic request page.


There are three ways to access the request form, depending on your user group:

  • With UB login details. The request is accessed with the UB user name and password and does not need a digital signature.
  • With a digital certificate. The request is accessed with any electronic certificate issued by a trusted provider (idCAT, electronic DNI, FNMT, etc.) or any other system admitted by the digital identity service integrator VĀLid (idCAT Mōbil, Cl@ve, etc.).
  • Without a digital certificate. This option is for users who reside outside Spain and are unable to obtain a valid digital certificate. The request is accessed via a register of users maintained by the University of Barcelona.