2023 UB|IREA Institute’s Annual Conference

The 2023 UB|IREA Institute’s Annual Conference will take place on May 26th.
This year the conference will include the presentation of the 4 Working Papers awarded with the IREA Awards to the best DTs.

– “Daily Growth at Risk: financial or real drivers? The answer is not always the same“. Chuliá H., Garrón I. and Uribe J.M, in charge of Dr. Ignacio Garrón.

– “In-group bias in preferences for redistribution: a survey experiment in Italy“. Bruni R., Gioffré A. and Marino M., in charge of Dra. Maria Marino.

– “Does geographical exposure to language learning centres matter in a bilingual city?” Di Paolo A. and Mallén B., in charge of Dr. Bernat Mallén.

– “Pictures are worth many words: Effectiveness of visual communication in dispelling the rent–control misconception Brandts“, Busom I., Lopez-Mayan C. and Panadés J., in charge of Dra. M. Cristina López-Mayán.