Institut de recerca en
economia aplicada

Research institute in
applied economics

Who we are

IREA is a Research Institute of the University of Barcelona . Since 2005, the Institute brings together a large number of researchers. from three applied economics research groups: Regional Quantitative Analysis (AQR), Risk in Finance and Insurance (Riskcenter), and the Research Group in Governments and Markets (GiM). All these research groups are consolidated by the Generalitat de Catalunya… Read More





AQR research group

GiM research group

RISK research group

Working papers

How to get there


First edition of IREA Distinctions for the best Working Papers of the Institute.

With the aim of boosting the Institute’s Working Papers collection (WP-IREA) and stimulating the most junior researchers, 4 awards of 500 euros have been granted to the best WP-IREA of the year. The four winning documents will be presented at the Institute’s annual conference that will take place next May. Congratulations Ignacio Garrón, Bernat Mallén, Maria Marino and M. Cristina López-Mayán!!!

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