Introduction to phonetics, the articulation of voice and the possibilities of voice in general in sound art and in other creative fields (music, poetry). We will see how the voice is produced, how it can be transcribed and analyzed and all the possibilities of the body as a sound producer. We will see some creative uses of voice: extended vocal techniques  and phonetic improvisation, as well as some samples of sound poetry and polipoesia, which will be analyzed in more depth in the following semester. The aim is to delve into the creative possibilities of the instrument that most of us have most at our disposal, the voice and those of the body in general, which is able to produce a great multiplicity of sounds beyond the voice. Some of the authors we will deal with will be Demetrio Stratos, Joan La Barbara, Jaap Blonk, Meredith Monk, Henri Chopin, Phil Minton, Laurie Anderson, Eke Hodell, Robert Ashley and Juan Pablo Villa, among others.