Sculpture and sound object


  • To acquire a practical and experimental attitude with the concepts, procedures and techniques of sculpture applied to Sound Art, based on the interest of each student and their personal project.
  • To develop the experimental attitude based on the knowledge of the theory and practice of plastic artists who have their field of action in sculpture and sound installation.
  • To provide conceptual and methodological bases to understand artistic interventions in sound sculpture and apply them in a personal artistic research process.
  • To Know the mechanisms of artistic language that works from resonance systems, sound art, interfaces, interference through poetic actions, visual and acoustic prostheses, body sensors, motion mappings, inconsistent action records, and everything that refers to an art of exchange between disciplines and languages of sources with diverse origin.
  • To familiarize in the theoretical and conceptual bases of the latest trends of contemporary sculpture that uses intangible resources, and specifically sound as material of artistic expression.


  • Sculpture and sound object.
  • Construction of instruments and forms of resonance.
  • Automations: the shape in motion.
  • Percussion with objects and materials.
  • Recycled sounds.
  • Sound machines.
  • Sound shapes and cymatics.