Members' achievements

pix Phiala Shanahan Receives 2020 Kenneth G. Wilson Award, October 23, 2020
American Physical Society Phiala Shanahan Receives 2021 Maria Goeppert Mayer Award, October 7, 2020
American Physical Society Phiala Shanahan Named One of Ten Scientists to Watch, September 30, 2020
pix Phiala Shanahan Receives 2020 DOE Early Career award, June 23, 2019
pix Zohreh Davoudi Receives 2019 DOE Early Career award, August 1, 2019
pix Zohreh Davoudi Receives 2019 Sloan Research Fellowship, February 19, 2019
pix Phiala Shanahan Public Lecture at Perimeter Institute, October 22, 2018
pix Zohreh Davoudi Receives 2018 Kenneth G. Wilson Award, August 3, 2018
pix Michael Wagman in the 17th Annual Pappalardo Fellowships in Physics Symposium, May 17, 2018
pix Michael Wagman, graduate medalist in the natural sciences, June, 2017
pix Phiala Shanahan listed in the Forbes Magazine 30 under 30 in Science, January, 2017
pix William Detmold honored with a fellowship by the American Physical Society (APS), October 19, 2016

Non-technical publications

pix Exploring the quantum field, from the sun’s core to the Big Bang, May 13, 2020
pix Particle Interactions Calculated on Titan Support the Search for New Physics Discoveries, February 7, 2018
pix Proton-Proton Fusion: Powering the Sun, December 19, 2017
pix A peek inside the earliest moments of the universe, July 5, 2016
pix Pinpointing the Magnetic Moments of Nuclear Matter, January 20, 2015
pix Scaled-up nuclei, October 25, 2011
pix Predicting the Subatomic Future, April 15, 2011
pix Brace for Impact: Why Does Matter Dominate Our Universe?, April 30, 2010
pix The weight of the world, September 21, 2009
pix Supercomputers help physicists understand a force of nature, July 11, 2006